University Partnerships

Universal Accounting International, Inc. plans to establish partnerships with universities in Africa, which will provide local training sites for this program. Universities with existing accounting & bookkeeping courses will be targeted initially for this program, which may be expanded to future accounting specific training centers led by former trainers and students over time.

Through this university network, we will offer a package that will enable participants to move from manual bookkeeping to computerized bookkeeping, and then from desktop computerized bookkeeping to cloud-based bookkeeping. In time we will create a new category of bookkeepers we refer to as “e-Bookkeepers”.

The program will initially be offered in the following ten countries (in alphabetical order): Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Niger, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. In the first phase, the training will be in English. Based on need, in time the same program can be offered in other languages as well.

*In addition to providing local facilities and academic credibility, we hope to offer Dual Course Certification, sponsored by Universal Accounting and the local University.