Professional Bookkeeping Online Program

The Professional Bookkeeper™ designation represents a person who is proficient in the day-to-day practical application of the accounting process in small to mid-sized businesses. This demonstrates the accountant’s expertise and commitment in this profession while providing quality service for their employer or client. If you’re looking to become a bookkeeping professional who specializes in small to mid-sized businesses, or you’re interested in earning the credentials it takes to advance in your current career, you owe it to yourself to check out Professional Bookkeeper Certification. The Professional Bookkeeper Certification Program was created to meet the high industry demand for qualified small business bookkeeping and pb accounting professionals.


Course Description

Bookkeeping Accounting Made Easy: Fundamental principles of pb accounting for small business
Practical Small Business Application: Learn the day-to-day procedures used by businesses each month to record and tabulate their financial events
Advanced Accounting: Train in the more sophisticated issues associated with creating a set of books from scratch, auditing the results internally, and closing out the books at the end of the year
Job Placement Assistance: In this economy, job placement services could be just what you need to help you secure a lucrative position in this competitive market.
Building a Successful Bookkeeping Service: The turnkey process to start & build a successful accounting business. This includes proven marketing strategies, pricing, client interviewing for budgeting & forecasting and much more.

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